Blue Mournes



Steph-Noble-Blue-Mournes2 900x550

About this artist:

Stephanie has always engaged with her creative side but decided to pursue Environmental Health through university and worked in that field for a short time before a re-location to Switzerland allowed her to follow her passion for painting as a professional artist in 2008.

For most of her oil and acrylic work, Stephanie chooses to work with palette knives as they allow her to bring texture and depth to her canvas. She is fascinated by the process of creation through destruction and damage and regularly experiments with this process, stripping layers of paint from a canvas before re-applying more paint, or scratching paint back even further.

In her most recent work, Stephanie has been practising with soft pastels and enjoys the medium to portray some of the beautiful Northern Irish coastline and mountains that she now calls home.

Stephanie was born and raised in the UK but spent 2008-2012 living in Switzerland. Now back in the UK again, she lives with her family and dog in Belfast. Stephanie’s work is a reflection on her environment and location. As this changes, so too does the work.

She has a broad and international clientele one of whom is Sarah, Duchess of York

Stephanie’s work can be found internationally in homes and businesses across UK, USA, Russia, Switzerland, France, Australia, Netherlands and South Africa.

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