Prosecco, Pomelo & Grapefruit

A sweet and citrus scent, with notes of sparkling Prosecco, Brazilian orange, and fresh watermelon.

SMALL £10 each. Burn Time: Approx 15 hours

MEDIUM £20 each. Burn Time: Approx 30 hours

LARGE £25 each. Burn Time: Approx 45 hours

550x900-Prosecco Large and Med

About this Company:

The story of Só Soy starts in Hannah’s home at the Giant’s Causeway, a mere 10 minute walk from the famous Northern Irish heritage site. Each and every candle is hand poured using soy wax, made from a blend of pure soya beans and botanical oils. Soy wax is a relatively new product that was discovered in 1991 – it’s 100% natural, renewable, and eco-friendly. Compared to the likes of Paraffin wax, Soy wax gives off a much cleaner burn that can last up to twice as long. Só Soy always use the highest recommended ratio of fragrance oil to wax, to ensure a strong scent throw, and a fragrant aroma that fills your home. The wicks are specially designed for the use in soy wax, made from unbleached cotton and interwoven with a linen thread.

All photos courtesy of So Soy

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