Queens Bridge
Oil on panel.


Jay Niblock

About this artist:

Jay is a self-taught artist born and working in Belfast.  In his art he uses an array of techniques for paint application and removal in order to convey his emotional response to a scene – often urban life in Belfast but can also include still life and portraiture.

Each work is an attempt at capturing a moment in time by drawing upon the surrounding mood and atmosphere. Our ever-changing weather can often impose dramatic effects on the environment and is clearly felt in his work.

Of his urban paintings he adds: “I particularly enjoy the challenge in trying to a capture the dynamics of an urban scene.  The interaction between stationary buildings, fast moving traffic and people presents a plethora of information to the human eye.  Using tools such as ink brayers, palette knives and general household items I select, delete, extract and modify the information I feel is necessary for the image”.

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