C L E A N  S L A T E 

Cardamom + Spice
The spice of cardamom forms the base for this candle.

With notes of ginger and nutmeg essential oils, it manages to be both exotic and homely at the same time.

Evoking memories of creations in the kitchen, this is a warm, inviting and autumnal fragrance.

180ml Candle in Amber Glass Jar

£20 each

550x900clean slate cardamon spice

About this Company:

Clean Slate

Nicole Connolly, founder of C L E A N S L A T E, has always had a love for fragrance, gorgeous products, design and creativity, as well as an obsession with candles, so it was inevitable that she began making her own little luxuries that would blend these passions. This grew into creating a range of products that are aesthetically pleasing, high quality and eco-friendly.

Their gorgeously scented candle range has something for everyone. Packaging is apothecary inspired, simple, gender neutral, and reusable, making their candles suitable for everywhere, from cool coffee tables to bohemian bedsides. C L E A N  S L A T E candles are made with 100% soy wax making them friendly for both you and the environment.

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