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babs belshaw

About this artist:

Babs Belshaw graduated from Cardiff school of Art and Design in 2014 gaining a BA in Ceramics.

During her degree she specialised in functional porcelain tableware and currently makes functional porcelain products using a technically controlled crystal glaze. Inspiration for her work comes from the North Coasts rich ocean views and skyline.

Previous to her degree in the North West Regional Collage, Belshaw worked in mixed media using textiles and painting focusing heavily on seascapes, this has been an evident inspiration throughout her work.

Since graduating Belshaw has gone on to exhibit all around Cardiff, Art in Clay at Hatfield House and New Designers in London.

After gaining experience Babs realised she needed to advance her skills in the field of ceramics and was granted a place on the 2014 DCCOI Ceramic Skills course in Thomaston Co Kilkenny.

Belshaw is now running her pottery studio in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

“Porcelain is my clay of choice for its pure whiteness providing a crisp surface on which my zinc crystalline glazes grow. I use blends of copper and cobalt oxide for their rich greens and blues in oxidized firings.  Macro Crystals are my passion and are created by intense firing schedule of prolonged soaking periods, thickness of glaze and body is also crucial.” Babs Belshaw

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